The benefits of a multicultural america

The early models exemplified epigenetic-like models. The descendants of Africans have also influenced the country from the federal level by leading the civil rights movement and other historical situations that help make this country fair and equal for everyone.

They just did not know. The skill-building training provides more specific information on cultural norms of different groups and how they may affect work behavior.

In this status, the person struggles with conflicting attitudes toward the White and minority groups. The effects of a positive multicultural climate may manifest in a number of ways, such as: They must also be willing and ready to address issues of controversy.

Of course, these considerations and accommodations can sometimes be an added business cost as well as a logistical challenge.

Diverse teams are more productive and perform better The range of experience, expertise, and working methods that a diverse workplace offers can boost problem-solving capacity and lead to greater productivity. Along with these relationships are other cultural constructs that reinforce relationships and worldviews.

This sample of applying research and theory of psychodynamic concepts with minority groups suggests that the transference configuration potentially has some applicability within multicultural competencies. A multimodal and multimethod approach to helping clients is necessary in multicultural competencies.

To integrate multicultural education in your classroom and your school, you can: Multiculturalism has its demerits as well, such as the fact that believing in your ancestral traditions and values when you reside in a nation that has different ideals may cause conflict sometimes.

Re-theorizing the significance of one stage representing the racial identity attitude of the individual, theorists have offered the possibility that people may reflect different stages simultaneously, but to different degrees Kohatsu, Countertransference though, represents the feelings and behaviors that clinicians need to be aware of in session, since some of these reactions to clients may not be based on the actual therapy material but rather on issues the therapist needs to struggle with outside of the therapy relationship.

In response to these concerns, helping professionals look toward ways to empower racially diverse individuals and seek socially just ways to rectify past inequalities. Prejudices of employees may work against the people belonging to a minority.

History is an equally important justification and one that is sometimes overlooked or not focused upon because it may be deemed as not relevant to multicultural competencies.

Analyze issues of socioeconomic class through planning and development.


Multicultural awareness necessitates multiple levels of development and exploration. Multiculturalism and multicultural competencies is not a one-person psychology, but instead is predicated on self and other.

There is no situation where a trainee would be expected to master every theoretical orientation available. This is critical, but solely learning about others is insufficient in the development of multicultural competencies.

Not only does hiring from a more diverse talent pool makes your business attractive to ambitious, globally minded candidates, it also helps you to keep them on board. Working across cultures can be a truly enriching experiencing, allowing others to learn about perspectives and traditions from around the world.

One more clarification I will make is about racism and prejudice. A mix of cultural experiences helps in problem-solving, and can create a strong team. African traditions and customs have influenced almost everything in America. A course in race and ethnicity.

We discuss these issues and understand the larger issues premising the need for competencies. In the same way, the helping professional needs to communicate to the clients that she or he is consistently developing awareness, knowledge, and skills to work with diverse clients.

The Civil Rights movement of the s, however, had a direct effect on the assimilationist norm of the melting pot. Each stage represents a higher order of processing Helms,but as each person moves through the stages, progress is not always linear. The first way to understand how individuals understand themselves as racialized beings is through typology models.

The meaning of the term multiculturalism can have many interpretations.GEN. February 27, The benefits of a Multicultural America In America, people are born and raised to believe that this country was founded on human rights. Numerous benefits are available to dues-paying PTAs and members as well as individual members.

Find out about the resources, grants, support programs, publications, discounts and special offers. In America, people are born and raised to believe that this country was founded on human rights such as life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

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“From multicultural festivals to pronouncements from political leaders, the message is the same: our differences make us stronger” (Jonas 3).

Diversity is the many differences that different.

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The Benefits of a Multicultural America; The Benefits of a Multicultural America. 8 August Culture; United States; In America, people are born and raised to believe that this country was founded on human rights such as life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

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In reality these rights were not always accessible for minorities in United States.

The benefits of a multicultural america
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